Leeward Capital Management

Experienced in the Relocation & Support
of U.S. Virgin Islands Based ERP/IT

LCM Technology Services, LLC

Leeward's subsidiary and execution partner, LCM Technology Services ("LCM-TS"), has successfully executed on the relocation of ERP/IT systems from State-side data centers to the U.S. Virgin Islands. LCM-TS utilizes both internal resources and external partners for hardware and software migration as well as ongoing maintenance and support. From initial implementation to daily maintenance, LCM-TS works with the IT executives of Leeward's transaction partners to facilitate any enhancement or upgrades needed to support the business.

Enterprise Hosting Services


  • At least 99.9% uptime for:
    • Power
    • Network Connectivity—Private Network
    • Internet Connectivity—Public Network
  • Secured Access to Co-Lo Premises
  • Secured Access to Customer Equipment
  • Remote Hands-on Support for Power Up / Power Down

Enterprise Management Services


  • Application Specific
  • O/S Integration
  • Configuration Expertise
  • Functional Expertise
  • Bug Fix Repair via Published Notes & Patches
  • Upgrade Input & Guidance
  • 24/7/365 Coverage
  • Ticket Management System with Defined Escalation Path
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Call Center Type Phone Coverage