A Source of Capital without Equity
Dilution or Increased Debt

Business Owners

Liquidity Event

Leeward provides Owner/Operators seeking a significant liquidity event from their business an alternative to selling equity. Leeward can purchase mission critical ERP systems at enterprise level multiples of the Company's trailing twelve month EBITDA and Leeward does not require ownership in the business.

Cost of Capital

Leeward's cost of capital is competitive with senior or unitranche debt when a sale of equity is the next best alternative to deliver a similar amount of liquidity.

Management Control

Leeward's transaction structure allows owners to maintain control of their Company while achieving a significant liquidity event from the business.

Succession Planning & Management Buyouts

Leeward's transaction structure can facilitate an efficient transition of ownership to family members and/or management while allowing the sellers to recognize a significant liquidity event from the business.